A Game of Thrunes

Decoding the Documents Pt 1

Sitting upstairs in Belor’s, Rexus points to a few notes he’s made in neat handwriting on a piece of parchment.

“I have made some progress in deciphering the documents you recovered from the Fair Fortune Livery. It is slow going, but Brother Vaelus is a big help.

“It seems the Silver Ravens formed in the wake of the chaos that swept over Cheliax after Aroden’s death, over a hundred years ago. Their goal was to protect the city of Kintargo from oppression.

“Many of the Silver Ravens were adventurers or worshipers of Milani. Those who rose to particular prominence were Amyreid, a half-elf cleric of Milani who devoted herself to her goddess and the people of Kintargo; Ba, a halfling enchanter powerful in controlling the minds of his enemies; Kyda, a human bard, her uplifting songs kept the morale of the Ravens high during the darkest times; and Brakisi, a human ranger who controlled the underbelly of the city.

“Jackdaw, a swashbuckler, was the most powerful and influential of them all. She was the leader of the Silver Ravens, a mysterious elven woman who built herself into a sort of Kintargan folk hero, fighting for the rights of the city’s downtrodden.

“Unfortunately that’s all I have at the moment. Not much, but at least it’s forming a picture of the Silver Ravens. I will keep you updated.

“Oh, one more thing. Part of the wall in the secret… ahem, below, collapsed, injuring one of our men, Lassius. Hell of a noise, jolted me awake. He’ll recover, but he’ll be out of action for a while. The integrity of the rest of the brickwork seems intact, so hopefully there are no more similar incidents.”


Guys, do we need to investigate the collapse? What if something caused it?

Decoding the Documents Pt 1

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