A Game of Thrunes

Decoding the Documents Pt 2

Where once neat handwriting told a tale of the Silver Ravens, the notes of Rexus have become almost illegible scrawl. The young man has bags under his eyes. Beside him, Brother Vaelus doses, head slumped on the table. “Yes, it is a wearying process,” Rexus admits, rubbing his face, "But we have made more progress.

“The heroes of their time, the Silver Ravens defended Kintargo from being conquered no fewer than a dozen times during the Chelish Civil War: five times from power-hungry noble families, four times from agents of Thrune, once from an invasion of skum from the sea, once from a cabal of Nidalese vampires, and once from a blue dragon named Rivozair.

“But despite this, the Silver Ravens had seen the proverbial writing on the wall—they knew House Thrune was likely to seize control, and had come to the difficult decision to surrender should this event come to pass, hoping to prevent Thrune from razing Kintargo. We believe the cache of treasure and documents hidden in the Fair Fortune Livery were intended to serve as a sort of time capsule, should Kintargo forget the Silver Ravens with the passage of time. As actually occurred.”


Guys, do we melt down the silver ravens and make them into something more suited for us?

Decoding the Documents Pt 2

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