A Game of Thrunes

Deep Thoughts

So much has happened since the faithful evening, where for one of the first times in my life I attended the theatre. If I had known that it would be so exciting I might have attended before now. But maybe it isn’t always that exciting and maybe it was more of the after party which has left me wanting more?

Sure enough there were some strange cooks in attendance that night and it seemed that only the member of the Hell Knights that conversed with me seemed to be the only one of sound mind. He also was the only thing that interested me, instead of nauseating me. That was until “that poem”. It is amazing how quickly a few words can get someone in deep trouble, even if it isn’t their words.

To see the look of sheer terror in Pavo’s eyes, I have never seen him speechless before and now it seems that we will never get the chance to see it again. Having no answer for the inconvenient event, he high tailed it straight out of the city without looking back to find out that he was cleared of any wrong doing. Even the few remaining friends in the Dottari were not able to shed any light on his whereabouts. Hopefully he has made it out and not captured by the Mayor and his goons for I fear any penalties that Alaria may face would be worse for Pavo as they would be done in secret.

This brings me to young Alaria, I am a bit conflicted about her I must say. Surely she is a fighter for the people, but on the other hand she tried to frame Pavo. Or at least it looked that way, maybe she didn’t expect him to get caught with it, but then she didn’t step forward when he was accused either. So I am not entirely sure that we can trust her.

However the decision was made that we will try to rescue the now infamous poet and try to use her artistic ability to further the cause. I suppose every movement needs a focal point a face as such, even if it is only by appearance with no real power, while the children of the Ashes remaining founding members still pull all the strings. Surely she is a better choice that Gaian?

Gaian has become a worry as of late. Erratic behaviour where he doesn’t seem to be himself, half paying attention and half of the time somewhere else. How he convinced the majority of the group to attempt a rescue attempt in front of a potentially large and hostile crowd is beyond me. Once a dedicated family man, he seems to have forgotten the risk for his family if this scheme does not go our way and either he or all of us are caught. It would mean the end for all of our families if this happens. Innocent families.

It is because of this that I will ensure that I do this with the upmost caution. I will not be putting my family in harm’s way to try and save Alaria or one of our own, especially those who put themselves in unsafe situations and do not take heed of the surroundings. I think that I may have some options available to me to ensure that we get the best result with this plan. But in the end if things look too risky, poor Alaria may have to meet her fate, after all we do these things at a risk.



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