A Game of Thrunes

Freedom for all

The Speech

Arriving back at the livery I became a bit calmer. After all, leading the 4 remaining slaves who previously have been unknown to us was fraught with danger. But I couldn’t just leave them there to fend for themselves.
After having a talk to them, it was shocking to find out that they had all been put into slavery for only minor infractions. Protesting, spreading antigovernment rumours and assaulting a guard seemed little reason for such a harsh punishment. They were all extremely scared and worried that they would be tracked and found. I wondered how many people in the city felt the same way, and how many others were shackled up in other places, these are not the only people to have acted this way.
I asked for them to stay here for a while and let them know that they should not be bothered here, as our small group had recently been through here and cleaned up the place. Looking around I could see that it wasn’t so much clean, but it was safe. I promised to return shortly with some supplies and that we could talk more about what they could do moving forward. After a while they agreed, especially seeing the aftermath of how we dealt with the dwarf and his guards back at the salt works.
It didn’t take me to long to return, with some fresh clothes for them as well as some food, which I was able to purchase from the market. After changing out of their old soiled clothes we all sat down to some food. I myself could not eat much after still coming down from the excitement of the night, it was like I was full of electricity and began to wonder if this was a normal feeling if I continued on this path. My guest had no such trouble eating, I can only assume that they were not fed well as they seemed to go through the food like it was nothing.
It was at this point that I broached the subject of how the city has changed and that we needed some brave souls to stand up against this tyrannical reign. Being that they had all rebelled up against the powers already, I thought that it would be an easy sell. However I was still nervous, I had never been the one to speak my mind until recently, after all I was still only young and always seemed to follow my father’s request, rather than make my own. Taking a big breath, I began.
“As you know Kintargo is no longer the free city that it once was. Freedoms which were a privilege and a right to all citizens has been taken away. I know from your actions that you do not want to live the way that others tell you to live. Neither should you, and I cannot see how your most recent living arrangements would lessen this feeling.
But I ask you, are you willing to continue your lives under the thumb of an oppressive regime, or do you want to help take the city back. My friends and I are not willing to live this way, freeing you was only the beginning. We have all vowed that while there are people being oppressed, then we will do what we can to help.
I understand that this is a lot to take in at the moment and I am willing to hear out any questions you may have, but I do not take this lightly. I have a young family whom I wish to protect, which some of you may also, but at the same time I don’t want to see them become part of the mechanism at play within this city. So I am making a stand.
Who is with me?”
| Rufus’ Journal]]



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