A Game of Thrunes

Happenings at Home

Returning to my home, I enter to find my house surprisingly empty. Considering how much I have been away lately I am not surprised. Thinking out loud “Winifred and Tyrell must be next door with mother”. I took off my boots and hung up my cloak and started to make my way to the fire to get the house warm for the night. Not before returning the coins to the lock box beneath the floor boards under the Tyrell’s crib.

As I replaced the boards however, there was a loud bump from above. Quickly grabbing my sword I swiftly made my way up the stairs, half expecting some Dottari to be present and holding my wife and child hostage so as I would go peacefully. To my surprise though, there was no-one present, what I did find though was a picture of my late father on the floor. I slowly walked over to the picture and picked it up.

“Hello, Rufus”. Came a call from downstairs, it seemed my assumption was correct as Winifred’s voice came drifting up the stairs to meet my ears, soon to be followed by the crying of young Master Tyrell. I quickly returned the picture frame to its normal location and made my way downstairs.

Greeting me with open arms and handing my Tyrell, my wife seemed very tired. “Tyrell is sick, he has a fever and has been crying all day. Your mother and I have called on the doctor who came and gave him something to help ease the pain and help him sleep”. “Well what did the doctor say was wrong with him, nothing serious is it, if so we should take him to see a healer?” “No, nothing serious, see how he is grabbing his ear, well the doctor believes that he just has an ear infection and that it will just need to get better with some rest”. “Being the first time that he has gotten sick, I suppose that I was just over worried”, Winifred reassured me with her calming smile.

“Well, whatever it was that he gave him, it seems to have done the trick as he is fast asleep”. “That must be a miracle, as he said it wouldn’t take affect for another hour, and he has just left. We were lucky to get him out actually being so close to the stupid curfew”. “Maybe I have the magic touch? Let me just put him down to rest”.

“So what is for dinner then Wini”? Giving me a look, of what did you just ask me, I quickly retrieved the leg of ham and loaf of bread, which I had picked up earlier. “Sit down, honey I can see that you have had a rough day”. I then proceeded to tell her about my day, well the bits that she needed to know anyway. About the failed excruciation and the escape of the poison pen of Kintargo. She was very happy about that, as she was an avid follower of the poison pen, to which I replied that I only knew about her when she was recently caught by the authorities. She didn’t need to know the full details of what I am up to, after all she will only worry and try and talk me out of it. After dinner she offered to clean up, so I went upstairs to retrieve my sword which I had left up there earlier.

Upon opening the door, I was shocked. My father’s sword was on the ground pointing directly at the picture which was once again on the floor. I froze and looked around to find that the windows were still closed and latched from the inside and that I was alone. A chill ran up my spine and the stillness was broken by the sudden wailing of Tyrell from down stairs.


Nice writeup, enjoyed reading it!

Happenings at Home

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