A Game of Thrunes

Information Gathering on the Devil’s Nursery Murders

Malena eagerly accepts the wine Mercia offers her. “Thanks love,” she says, eyeing the barwench’s curves before taking a long drink.

“Well, as you asked,” she begins, “My troupe performed around Redroof.” She pulls a sour face. “Even with living in Kintargo this long those streets still felt oppressive, I’d take the open plains any day. In case you’ve never had the pleasure, the Devil’s Nursery is a slum filled with tieflings. Most live and die there.

“The rumours you heard were correct, there have been several murders, starting the night after the Night of Ashes and every few nights following. So far four unfortunates have lost their lives. It’s driving the tieflings into a panic: they’re looking for help but don’t trust the authorities. Hells, they probably wouldn’t come anyway.

“The locals are on edge and most wouldn’t speak to us about the crimes, but we managed to find out the locations of the murders. The tieflings cremated the bodies out of fear they will rise as vengeful undead.” Malena makes a warding sign.

“I know you didn’t ask for one, but I did a harrowing. The results were unclear, though they might mean something to you. Three actions, three locations, and three actors: innocence lost, hunting, dark magic; a grave, a palace, a tavern; the Fey, the Dark Prince, a Raven.”

“Some think these murders are acts of terrorism performed by agents of Asmodeus, perhaps to stir up the slums. What for, you might ask?” She shrugs. “Justify cleaning out the area? I don’t know. But the tieflings may be grateful to whoever stops these murders.

“One last thing. I made friends with a young tiefling woman named Zea, she was helpful, I can tell you where to locate her if you like.”


Gaian leans forward eagerly as he digests the information.

“Well, at least you’re not putting any stock in that Slasher nonsense; as if there aren’t enough problems in the city without inventing some bogeyman. Although it is a nice story to make sure Raiia gets no ideas of sneaking out at night!
“I’m not sure what this harrowing means, and I’m not sure for that matter how much stock I’d put in such things. No offense intended.” he says with a nod to Malena. “I guess if you want to look at such things the Tavern and Raven could well refer to us, and Dark Prince and Palace to Barzillai. The rest is anyone’s guess. Still, I feel we worry ourselves less with the reading than with the other information. To that end I’d suggest we follow up with this Zea. Perhaps KC should lead us in this, being familiar with the slums and the dwellers therein. What do the rest of you think?”


Pavo scratches his chin with a slightly puzzled look on his face.

“You could make a Harrow reading like that mean a lot of things. Or it may mean nothing,” he holds out his hands to ward off any ill feelings from Malena. "I’m certainly not dismissing your skills or the like, but like most Harrow readings I’ve had done, it seems vague.

“Zea, however, sounds like she may be of assistance. I agree with Gaian, best to seek her out.”


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