A Game of Thrunes

Journal of the Kothar Caex

The early entries

Journal of the Kothar Caex – Entry I

Mother told me that it might be beneficial to keep a record of my exploits, thoughts and experiences, the later in particular she emphasised could prove of great benefit as sometimes even the most minor event could have great ramifications.

I do not know what has happened to mother, the mercenary band that attacked our home included a powerful wielder of divine magic and it is entirely possible that she has been slain. I have read that in truth it is impossible to slay a denizen of the Nine Hells on the prime material plane. Instead the devil’s physical form disperses while their essence will reform on their home plane of existence.

I hope that this is the case and that the Sister of Storms still lives, but given the nature of her binding to our home I cannot bring myself to truly believe this to be the case.

Mother’s teleport spell returned me to the plains near father’s village, perhaps a weeks journey by foot. I have decided to return there only to inform father of mother’s possible demise, but I shall not linger. Father has a family and there is no real place for me there anymore.

I must journey forth and make my own mark on this world.

Journal of the Kothar Caex – Entry VIII

As expected, I did not receive a warm welcome in the village of my childhood. Father seemed glad to see that I had survived, my step mother and half-siblings were another matter however. All except little Diana, my youngest half-sister had always been able to look past my appearance and seemed genuinely happy to see me.

A pained expression flickered across father’s face when I informed him of mother’s probable death. I think he genuinely loved her…even all these years later…

My step-mother graciously allowed me to stay the night after extracting a promise that I would be moving on at first light…

Journal of the Kothar Caex – Entry LIV

After wandering alone, selling my sword for the better part of a year, I have fallen in with a band of mercenaries who (while not overly welcoming of me) appreciate my skill with a blade and simple enchantments, they have nick-named me Kothar Caex and I have come to like the name. Our leader is a Hellknight from a city to the north. He tells me that there are many of my kind there. Perhaps when our current mission is complete, I shall journey north and see this city of Kintargo for myself.

If it is true and others of my kind (which he called ‘Tieflings’) do reside there, perhaps I will finally find a place to belong.

Journal of the Kothar Caex – Entry LX

The more I hear about the city of Kintargo, the more I wish to go there. Apparently, it is part of the Chelish Empire, whose primary religion is worship of the Lord of the Nine Hells. As a first generation decedent of a powerful devil I imagine I shall be able to make a decent life for myself in such a place.

Journal of the Kothar Caex – Entry LXXXIV

I have finally arrived (by ship) in the city of Kintargo. The journey was long, I have come to the conclusion that I do not like sea travel…the constant pitch and roll…I feel ill again just thinking about it.

Kintargo is one of the largest cities I have ever seen, thousands of people all in the one place. It is rather unnerving.

I did not receive the warm welcome I had hoped for either.

It would appear that I have been miss-informed about the standing of Tieflings in Chelish society.

Still, it would appear that skill with a blade is welcome despite one’s appearance.

The city guard (called the dottari) are apparently in need of a combat trainer for new recruits. I have an appointement with their commander in the morning.

In the meantime, I have found a place to call home in the district known as ‘Red Roof’.

Journal of the Kothar Caex – Entry XC

I have obtained a position as the combat instructor for dottari recruits. It is a thankless job and I must endure jibes and insults from both the commissioned officers and the new recruits alike. The nick-name Grey Skull has grown popular.

Still, the job pays well…

I have tried to introduce Vaerir Ibafarshan as part of the training, but the way of the dancing flame is lost on most. Vaerir Ibafarshan is an infernal martial discipline that helps to strengthen and focus mind and body. It is similar to a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation. Unlike some martial arts it is readily translated into armed combat techniques, emphasising speed and precision over brute force.]

I find it interesting that vast majority of the other tieflings appear more human, with less pronounced infernal features than myself.

Perhaps it has something to do with mother being a full-blooded devil and thus I am closer to being a ‘fiend’…who knows…

Journal of the Kothar Caex – Entry CIX

Trouble today…

While trying to explain the subtleties of combat and precise application of force over brute strength one recruit became particularly insubordinate.

This brute of man who was half a head again as tall as I am, and at least twice my weight, heckled me from the beginning of the lesson until I could stand no more, so I called him out to compare his ‘raw power’ to my ‘precise application.

(I should point out that I insist we do not use wooden training blades as such things do not match the weight of a true metal weapon. Instead we use short swords bound in a leather sheath. The weight is correct and they will bruise rather than seriously wound.)

After two quick passes, I caused him to lose grip on his weapon with a side slap to the hand with the flat of my blade.

A second engagement ended similarly.

After a third defeat, the trainee lost all control and broke his weapon free of its binding, lunging at me with intent to kill.

I tried to sidestep the attack, but he still managed to gash my cheek.

Acting on instinct, I cast aside my practice blade and drew my own weapon. One slash to his hand disarmed him and a second to the tendon at the back of the heal sent him to the ground.

Needless to say, the captain was not happy, fortunately he had witnessed the entire exchange.

Still a stern warning was given and I think a lesson was learned – call me what you will, but attack my person and I will deal with you accordingly!

Journal of the Kothar Caex – Entry CXXV

The more I think about it and the more I see how my people (when did I start thinking of the tielflings like that? I cannot recall…) are treated I find myself angered.

The Chelaxians claim to worship Asmodeus and the Lords of the Nine and yet those with blood ties to the infernal realm, who are related by blood to the divine are so mistreated?

No, I think they pay lip service only…oh they may offer Asmodeus reverence (I myself do, after all he is not only a deity, but also family being the Father of Devils), but all the rest? These are just tools to be used!

That is not worship!

Something needs to be done…

Journal of the Kothar Caex – Entry CXXVIII

Today I met an angel…or at least a fallen one…

Journal of the Kothar Caex – Entry CXXXII

Her name is Evalyn, and she is quite possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I have never been in love before, but I am certain that is what I feel.

She has haunted my dreams and waking moments alike, I find myself struggling to think of anything else.

We have begun to meet for meals regularly and there is a definite spark between us.

Perhaps, despite the insults, despite the way we are treated by the humans who rule this place, despite everything…perhaps I really have found my home.

Journal of the Kothar Caex – Entry CXLII

Tonight I attended a gathering for one of the more well-off members of tiefling society in Kintargo. I had completely forgotten, and Evalyn called me to task on it. I do not like such gatherings, I don’t feel comfortable, and as expected, my position with the dottari did not sit well with some. I shouldn’t have to suffer insults from my own kind, surely we all suffer enough from the humans?

Journal of the Kothar Caex – Entry CXLIII

The past week has possibly one of the worst in my life.

A member of the ruling family has entered the city and already it feels as though an iron fist is encircling us, ready to crush us all.

I have been dismissed from my post by a newly appointed captain of the dotarri, Evalyn suggests I try my hand in the fighting pits, but killing for sport? For the enjoyment of others?

Strange things are happening, Belor’s Beer Hall was invaded by a band of thugs and a halfing accosted, fortunately the proprietor was quick to diffuse the situation with servings of ale and flesh. Smart man…

Then came the fires and death…

I fear what the dawn may bring…



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