A Game of Thrunes


I was having a beautiful day, one of the best in recent times. I was at the greens with my family, my son was on a swing attached to an old Oak Tree with my wife was pushing him very carefully. Father and mother were over by the pond, throwing some bread crumbs from our recent picnic into the water feeding the ducks and swans.

Suddenly lunch seemed to be making a re-emergence. Grabbing my stomach in pain I began to feel something. Suddenly a blade came through my stomach and made its way up to my chest. Then following the blade came a hand, then an arm, till the gruesome figure of the madman from his nightmares came climbing up. There was blood everywhere, so much blood. I suddenly looked to my family for help only to find that the Oak tree had become a giant figure of Barzillai Thrune and my wife and son were dancing for him at every pull of his finger.

I turned to my father, to find him being pulled into the pond by masked Dottari, my mother crying out and trying to save him. It became all too hard to keep conscience and I fell to the ground. As I hit the ground I sat upright in bed shouting. Instantly regretting it as in part to the pain from my recent stiches and the fact that it obviously was not a bad dream after all.

It had only been a day since I got news that my father had died in a tragic accident, or so I had thought, till one of my father’s oldest friends and fellow Dottari member, took me aside after fainting at the news of my father and told me that he believed it to be no accident.

Ensuring that we were alone, he then explained that many of the loyal Dottari had either been asked to move on due to what was perceived to be standards below expectations or put into far lower or more dangerous positions, which was hard to believe. The few who refused to stand aside either have not been seen again, or have met with some accident. My Fathers patrol was renowned for honesty and upholding the laws better than any other. He was very respected by many of the great families. He then explained that he believed that my father was one of those accidents. It was hard to believe, but my father’s friend said he has heard that other patrols have had the same happen. Even the recruit trainer had been dismissed, to be honest he probably got off lightly considering what happened to the others like him.

It made sense as my father has been handling animals his entire life and knew not to put himself into harm’s way. If only I had been with him and not bedridden due to the madman’s attack. My father’s friend left not long after this, leaving me with a warning. I think that it is time that you took some leave of your own from the Dottari. You have too many responsibilities now that you are the man of the house.

After he left, my mind returned to the madman in the apron. Gee my chest hurt, but I can count myself lucky I suppose. The blade had cut deep and long, but luckily for me a healer was close by and the old man whose house it was, was also skilled in some healing arts. The face though, I will never forget and I will get my revenge on him. I along with Titus now both have a reason more than duty to ensure that this animal is stricken from this existence.

After all this time searching for him, I finally found him, but I was not ready for him. My patrol who caught up with me could no longer write the attacks off as a random attack either. They saw firsthand what damage was done and saw him fleeing. None willing to give chase after seeing what he did to me.

For now though I must rest, soon I will be back in the yard practicing my fighting arts, I will be ready next time. Especially since my family’s honour is at stake, my method for training will need to be adjusted though as I will have to take up “Loyalty” my father’s sword. After all every first born boy has been handed the family sword down from generation to generation. I just didn’t think that I would receive it so soon.



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