A Game of Thrunes

Opening Moves

Session 04

A clandestine meeting below Belor’s Beerhall, and the rebellion began.

The first target was the Sallix Salt Works. Prisoners were being worked in the industry, Brother Vaelus among them. Gaian believed his arrest indicated he would lean toward the rebellion, and may prove to be an ally. The building was watched for a day, comings and goings noted, change of guards detailed. A plan was drawn up to hit it after sunset.

Meanwhile, other members headed to Clenchjaw’s, a tavern on the harbour. Many patrons of the Thrashing Badger moved here after the fire. It may prove to be a hotbed of sedition and ripe for recruits.

Pavo and Bug found something odd at the tavern – each night for the past two weeks the place had erupted into arguing and brawling. Word on the street put it down to fighting between different political groups. Closer investigation showed something else was afoot, with a prankster faerie dragon responsible for the chaos. Pavo convinced the mischievous creature to move on to the Opera House, and targeting the new lord-mayor, who could do with some fun in his life.

Later that night the rebels hit the salt works. The guards subdued, the rebels freed the prisoners and made their way back into the darkness of night, waiting for the safety of dawn to head, one by one, back home.



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