A Game of Thrunes

Proclamations Poem

At the end of the night, after all guests had left the Citadel Theatre, a halfling cleaner found a crumpled piece of parchment.


Be not the cretin, spoke Lord Mayor Thrune,
Sipping his wine on that grey afternoon.
Mint hater, dog catcher, no tea until noon,
The queen has sent us a babbling buffoon.

Right-minded people wearing a frown
Occupied opera and buildings burnt down
Hellknights and Hellhounds marching through town
Freedom and liberty turned upside down.

So follow Lord-Mayor Thrune’s sagely advice
Do not spill wheat corn barley or rice
Exchange your fine clothes for rats doves and mice
And put the Glorious Reclamation on ice.

The poem was signed, The Poison Pen of Kintargo.


I really like the poem :-)

Proclamations Poem

Thanks. I’m not sure if I’ll be inciting rebellions anytime soon though ;)

Proclamations Poem

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