A Game of Thrunes

The Morning After Pt 2

At the edge of the Devil’s Nursery, Kintargo’s most notorious slum, stands a set of old, wooden double doors. Behind is a long hall, filled with long tables along one side, and a dozen bunk beds the other. A hostel for those down on their luck, or those just setting out in the city, the Cloven Hoof Society has been assisting tieflings with nowhere else to go for years.

On this morning, however, the hall stands empty apart from a small group of tieflings huddled near the doors. No two share the same physical features, but they all share the same sombre mood. Between them on the floor is a blood-stain, still damp.

Hetamon Haace, one of the respected members of tiefling society, clear his throat. “The details of last night are still unclear. What we do is Strea was kidnapped – perhaps arrested, though no formal notification has been provided.”

Keldor remembered Strea from his brief stay here when he first arrived in Kintargo. With no contacts and nowhere to stay, he spent a few nights in the hall with other tieflings needing assistance. In his case he could provide some coin for his lodgings, and remembered Strea, the manager, being grateful for the donation he provided upon departure.

Hetamon continued. “Her abduction was violent. Braeus was killed,” he momentarily glances at the blood-stain, “and several others brutally beaten. The armed men – Hellknights – were ruthless. Also, Garleth’s young son Garend is missing, and he fears the worst.”

“What next?” a tiefling opposite Hetamon asks. “What do we do if Strea doesn’t return? What do we do with the hostel?”

Hetamon slumps “Board it up.”



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