A Game of Thrunes

The Varied Thoughts of Gaian Vespinus 3

There, all done! Now I just need to wait until morning, change my appearance, and walk arm-in-arm through the gates with Brother Vaelus. Nothing to it!
Seriously? You just about got yourself killed. And that means you just about got me killed! If it wasn’t for KC and the others it would have been a disaster.
I’m a bit rusty, that’s all. Not really surprising given how poorly you’ve kept this body over the past two decades, it’s not used to doing anything remotely useful.
I think you’re mistaking age for disuse. You may have noticed our companions in this ridiculous venture were barely children when you were last walking the streets. Have you ever thought that maybe you’re just too old for this shit?
Huh, that’s the kind of attitude that’s got you to where you are. It was a successful night; Nightswarm just overran the salt works, slew the overseer and four of his guards, freed half a dozen prisoners and escaped into the night! So begins my reign.
Scrawling the Nightswarm’s vengeance in blood on the walls doesn’t make it true, and there’s no avoiding the fact that none of those five victims was actually yours. If you’re planning to pull all the attention to yourself you’re going to have to get better. A lot better. At the moment you’re living a lie.
Hahaha. I’m not even sure if you’re trying to be funny. I will get better, I just need a little practice. But in the meantime there’s no need for concern; outside of these little outings I don’t exist. Who’s going to find me?
True enough. I’m still not sure it was a great idea though.
Not sure it was a great idea? I was going to stop with the writing on the wall, you’re the one who decided to reveal yourself, or should I say myself, to the other guards.
Really? I thought that was your idea.
No, pretty sure that one was yours. And it was a good one.
Well, those guards would have heard that there was more than one intruder there. It would have killed off your claims that it was all you. By being able to do that trick of yours where you double yourself for a few seconds while you spoke to them it would have at least put enough doubt in their minds and planted the possibility that it could all have been you. Two’s not exactly a swarm, but rumour can blow that up.
Good point, that will build into the name nicely.
What do you mean? Wasn’t that half the basis of the name?
Nope, mostly I just thought it sounded cool. Or maybe I had thought of that. Things get confusing sometimes. Anyway, as well as the benefits of reinforcing my name, showing them the satin veil will throw up all sorts of Calistrian theories and throw them off the scent.
Those theories would be correct.
For me, sure, but the rebellion as it stands has nothing to do with Calistria. And I don’t exist, remember. Also, speaking to them allowed me to show that those who don’t oppose the Nightswarm are met with mercy.
And how is that particular falsehood beneficial?
It probably isn’t. But you never know, one day someone might throw down their weapon and ask for mercy.
At which time you cut them down in cold blood.
No, at which time I let them go, telling them that the first person to throw down their weapon and run when confronted by the Nightswarm will always be spared the death of their companions. Then perhaps another time two of them throw down their weapons trying to be first and be spared.
I think you’re getting ahead of yourself, nobody has that fear of you.
Yet. Call it forward planning.
Speaking of which, the gate will be open soon. Are you ready to go? I want to be inside before anyone comes to the salt works.
Well, I was going to adopt the guise of an old woman, but it seems I should leave it to you, you’ll get into character so much more easily.
Fuck off.


Yeah! KC kicked ass!!!!


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