A Game of Thrunes

The Varied Thoughts of Gaian Vespinus 4

Well, that was interesting.
Enlightening, I’d say. Or maybe not, no real surprises there. Now get your wife home and then I’ll get us to Belor’s.
Of course, that’s where Pavo is most likely to go. We’ll meet him there.
Pavo? Fuck Pavo. We need to work out what we’ll do about Alaria.
I agree on Alaria, we need to rescue the poor girl. Pavo is probably already plotting a way to release her.
Pavo doesn’t know about Alaria, remember? Bolted at the first little hiccup. I told you he’d run as soon as things got tough.
I think you’re being a bit harsh on the lad. He was rather put on the spot.
And failed miserably. Even you would have had the balls to stick around and defend yourself. He was like a hare caught in sudden torchlight. Made of butter.
Torchlight made of butter?
A hare made of butter, smart-arse. Even if he does come, he’s proven he’s more a liability than anything. Weak as piss. Unless…
Unless what?
It doesn’t matter, just a thought. We’ll see. But hope that I’m right in my initial assessment of him.
I think you’ll find he’ll be very helpful in Alaria’s rescue. We should try to get to her before she is harmed. Poor innocent girl, what a tragedy
Not tragedy; opportunity. I don’t care if she’s innocent or not. To be honest I kind of hope she is the Poison Pen, though it seems unlikely. The important thing is that she will be held up as the Poison Pen. And so when we rescue her it’ll hit the image of Thrune hard. It won’t be easy, but they won’t be expecting that kind of trouble yet. And if it goes to shit, at worst we can kill her clean.
I’d hope we can rescue her rather than it come to that. But you’re right, saving her from Public Excruciation would at least be a mercy.
Saving her from Public Excruciation would stop Thrune making the example of her he’d like. Mercy is hardly the consideration.
You’re a brutal fuck, you know that? I’m not sure the others will agree with your approach.
They will if they have any sense at all.
And what of Bug? You said he’d go soon after Pavo. If your predictions are so right…
I was wrong on Bug. I like him.
He seems a little, er, murderous.
Practical, I’d call it. He’ll do what’s needed. I think the others will too.
I still think you’re wrong on Pavo.
Well, let’s get back to Belor’s and see, shall we?



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