Alaria Fiorno

Dissident poet who performs as "The Little Black Swan."


She has long blonde hair, dresses in colourful but fashionable clothes, and has a voice to melt hearts. She can also be rather boisterous at times, especially after a drink or two; during these moments her poetry becomes more salacious, reflecting the dock-side culture she grew up in.

Of late she has dyed her hair black, and dresses in dark clothes and a mask, to perform under the name The Little Black Swan.


Alaria was raised in Yolubilis Harbour and started singing for meals at an early age. The locals recognised her talent and sponsored her board at Lady Docur’s School for Girls. Although she never graduated she became famous within the school for her poetry, both romantic and lewd; it is rumoured she was expelled for the latter.

Alaria was a friendly rival to Pavo for several years. She performed under the stage name Cisne, and was gaining renown throughout Kintargo for her romantic poetry. Though Pavo didn’t doubt her ability, he wondered if she had friends in high places who were helping along her career.

Alaria was arrested for writing subversive texts under the name of the Poison Pen. She was sentenced to excruciation and slavery, but the Children of the Ash rescued her from under the nose of the authorities.

She has now turned her ability to taking revenge on the government for ruining her life. She has taken on a new persona, The Little Black Swan, and performs her poetry at secretive meetings around Kintargo.

Alaria Fiorno

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