Captain Cassius Sargaeta

Captain of the 'Scourge of Belial'


Captain Cassius Sargaeta has light brown hair and a neatly trimmed goatee adorning a well-defined jawline. He is usually dressed in a pristine captain’s uniform. He speaks in well-learned tones, and there is a superior air about him. He often silently scrutinises those around him with a cool and dispassionate gaze. Cassius prefers the finer things in life, such as the best quality tea sipped from his favourite porcelain teacup.


Cassius claims his parents were diplomats, but he knows far too much about street life to be telling the complete truth. After several adventures in his youth, he finally applied for a position in Her Infernal Majestrix’s navy. Before long, he’d been awarded command of his own ship, the Scourge of Belial.

Today, Captain Cassius Sargaeta has served in the Chelish navy for several years. He has managed to accumulate a loyal and devoted crew, including his first mate, a half-elven gunslinger from Katapesh named Elia Nones.

Pavo met Cassius a few years back when the captain had come ashore to spend an evening carousing. The two quickly became friends, Cassius having a love of poetry and Pavo finding the captain’s tales of adventure good inspiration for his works.

Captain Cassius Sargaeta

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