Evalyn Emberstorm

A fiery sorceress trying to amass wealth and power


Evalyn appears as a cool, collected tiefling, painted eyelids half-closed seductively, and always relaxed. Her wit is as sharp as her small horns, and can sting as much as the curved dagger she keeps at her belt. Belying initial impressions, Evalyn is actually quick to anger, sometimes finding insult where there is none, her eyes flashing dangerously and her infernal powers springing to her fingertips. She prefers fire-based spells.


Evalyn grew up in the tiefling slums of Redroof in a dysfunctional family. When a teenager she discovered her powers, drawing on her infernal blood to destroy the local bullies which had made her life miserable. Word spread of her ability, and she soon found herself carrying out tasks – some less than savoury – for coin. It didn’t take long to save enough to purchase a small flat, finally escaping the slums and leaving her family behind.

Evalyn met Keldor soon after he arrived in Kintargo, but the two have become closer of late, finding comfort in their similar backgrounds.

Artwork by SirTiefling

Evalyn Emberstorm

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