Keldor - the Kothar Caex (deceased)

Tall with A tiefling mystic warrior with blue/grey skin and a face that almost resembles a skull.


Tall with blue/grey skin with black patches on his face, causing it to almost resembles a skull. Like most tieflings his canines are longer than other teeth and his nails more resemble talons. Perhaps the most unusual features are his eyes, which are black with burning red pupils and no visible iris and a series of small horns around his head, almost looking like a crown.

He has begun using his nickname of Kothar Caex more than his birth-name. That name is reserved only for people he considers friends. Some within the city guard who resent being trained by an “inferior” have begun calling him Grey Skull or Skull Face.

Keldor prefers black leather armour (usually studded) as it offers the freedom of movement necessary for his fighting style. His current weapon of choice is a custom made Scimitar he has dubbed ‘Night’s Fang’ in Infernal dialect.


Unlike most tieflings who are the result of…shall we say a…forced…union between denizens of the prime material plane and infernal entities, Keldor was actually conceived out of genuine affection. Darius was a great swordsman who, greatly wounded and separated from his band took shelter in a cave. Unbeknownst to the human, the cave was the entrance to a subterranean ruin that served as the home for an Erinyes (Fury Devil) that had become stranded on the mortal plane. Initially, the Erinyes, named Briinah Kepesk (the Sister of the Storm) intended to slay the mortal. Instead a strange feeling welled up within the Infernal. Rather than taking his life, Briinah nursed Darius back to health. Trapped by a blizzard, the two were forced to winter together, during which time Keldor was conceived. When the child was born, Briinah insisted Darius take him, knowing that eventually a band would attempt to destroy her.

Raised among humans, Keldor was not widely accepted, his almost indigo flesh, skull-like features and burning red eyes all attributing to his infernal blood. Often picked on, he learned to defend himself quickly, his agility often catching his tormentors off-guard.

Seeing this his father began training him in the martial arts, where he proved adept at sword play, eventually being accepted into the town militia. One day after fending of a raid, one of the local bullies decided to take advantage of Keldor’s wounded state, challenging him to duel. Though Keldor possessed greater skill, his opponent was stronger and (more importantly) uninjured. In a desperate move, Keldor managed to strike his opponents side, only for the blade to discharge electrical energy, instantly killing his opponent.

Despite his protestations of innocence, that it had been an accident, and the defence of his father, Keldor was forced to flee his home. Advised by his father of her location, he tracked down his mother. The Erinyes informed the young warrior that her blood gave him access to powers much like those of an arcane caster in addition to warrior skill. Under her guidance, he learned to channel those powers into the blade.. With his new skills, Keldor became an even more deadly duelist, periodically venturing out to earn coin with his blade.

Unfortunately, this happy time bonding with his mother was not to last. As Briinah had long feared, a band of adventurers eventually tracked down her home and attacked gravely wounded, Briinah teleported her son away before the mercenaries could finish them both.

For the second time, Keldor had lost his home and family, however his new skills made him highly sought after as a warrior, earning the name Kothar Caex or “Demon Blade”.

Eventually, he came to Kintargo, his reputation earning him a position as a combat instructor for the local militia, a position he has held for the last six months.

Unlike other places he has traveled, Kintargo is more…cosmopolitan…While Half-Breeds may not be fully accepted by all, there are more of them than in any other place the Kothar Caex has visited before, particularly in the Redroof district of South Kintargo, where a large population of fellow tieflings can be found, though they are treated as second class citizens. With such a large group of ‘kin’ present in the city, Keldor has begun to put down roots, purchasing a modest home and has even made the first tentative steps towards a romantic relationship with a female Tiefling Sorceress named Evalyn.

Keldor has a tendency to be sarcastic, having little time for fools and bigots. He is somewhat confused by the contradictory attitude of the Chelaxians who on one hand profess to worship Asmodeus and other devils, yet treat those of infernal lineage as second class citizens. Further observation has led him to believe that to the majority, devil worship is a means to an end and not true reverence and worship. The humans see themselves as then masters of the relationship.

In terms of the Church of Asmodeus, Keldor does not oppose the Church of the First Evil but neither does he embrace it as his own. If Asmodeus truly cared about his followers and subjects, then where was he when my mother was bound to the mortal realm or when she was attacked? That being said, a deity should be given due respect. The beliefs of others are of no consequence.

The practice of slavery however is abhorrent!

Keldor met his fate when he faced off against Nox, being the first to fall against her infernal combat prowess.

Keldor - the Kothar Caex (deceased)

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