Malena Magravi

Varisian performer


Now well into middle-age, Malena’s formerly bright, silvery hair has dulled to grey and the looks of her youth have faded. Leaving the more lively entertainment to the younger members of the troupe, Malena acts mostly behind the scenes, but occasionally comes to the fore to perform readings from her harrow deck.


This Varisian song and dance troupe has been performing in Kintargo for many years. The free-spirited people have found the arrival of Barzillai Thrune and his draconian measures particularly difficult to stomach. When her long-time acquaintance Gaian approached her to provide information to the fledgling rebellion Malena was only too happy to cooperate. She had been concerned that some of the young hotheads in her troupe would act out against the new regime in such a way as to endanger them, and she welcomed an opportunity to engage them more constructively (and safely) against the Lord Inquisitor.

Malena Magravi

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