Petronicus Victocora (deceased)

Elder of the Victocora family


Petronicus is an elderly man, who clearly is past him prime. While he still puts much work into his appearance, his clothing provides a snapshot the height of fashion ten years ago; and while he is fortunate enough to maintain a full head of snowy hair, both it and his beard tend to look a bit scraggly at times due to his unwillingness to accept anyone assisting him with it combined with his failing eyesight. The cane he once carried as an affectation is now very much functional, and his stooped frame limits his mobility. Still, there is a disconcerting sharpness behind his slightly unfocused gaze, and those who gamble that his wit has gone the way of his body do so at their peril.


Petronicus Victocora was once regarded as brilliant, both within his family and the theatre community. That brilliance lay not within his own ability to perform, but rather his knack for “discovering” unknown talent, using his family’s wealth and influence to provide support and opportunities to struggling artists. Indeed, there was a time when the Opera House regularly featured several of his proteges, and Petronicus’ patronage seemed almost a guarantee of success.

Petronicus himself attributed his success to being a “man of the people”. While his peers focused on the elite and their wants, he spend time among the more numerous middle classes and wealthy commoners of Kintargo, gauging their reactions to various forms of entertainment and choosing who to sponsor accordingly. His successes reflected well on his family, both financially and in reputation. Unfortunately, his record could not be maintained.

At first it was a few sponsored performers that reached only moderate success, but they soon became the more positive stories as Petronicus’ ability to identify talent seemingly failed. Perhaps it was a reduced ability to respond to rapidly changing trends as he aged, or his inability to spend as much time among “the people” as his health and mobility declined. It may have been that as his reputation had grown, his attention became valuable enough that only those with resources to their names could access him and he lost the exposure to the more raw talent he favoured. Perhaps he was being undermined by another family in the endless games of Kintargo’s elite. No matter the reason, as Petronicus’ success faded so too did his position within the family. He no longer was given the resources for sponsorship he required, and was very much put out of the family’s business dealings.

Petronicus is still regarded fondly within the Victocora family despite no longer playing an active role in its business activities, and maintains a good network of friends and contacts within Kintargo’s nobility.

Petronicus Victocora (deceased)

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