Rufus Hilltop (deceased)

Town guard who doesn't always follow the rules


My character is rather lanky, but this often helps keep people off guard as my father Taylor did not raise a weak boy. I have dark black hair and dark blue eyes with a pale complexion. One who was always popular with the ladies due to my favourable looks and kind demeanour.
I am never far away from my swords.
Since I care for my family I am modestly dressed, when not in my town guard uniform that is, as I don’t spend a lot of money on my appearance since I want to ensure that my young family is looked after more than I.
I also want to ensure that the neighbourhood does not think that I am above them, I will often been seen handing out some coppers for the locals in need.


Brief Bio

Rufus is a serious fellow shaped by the history of his family, one to avoid the rules often to his own detriment. Protecting his young family is what comes first to him, then his friends, his community and the city in that strict order. Should one come into conflict with the other there is to be no guessing which way I will go.

Growing up in Kintargo with my parents was a not always the easiest, for generations my families tradition was to help guard the innocent, hence my father joined the town guard. He was quick to rise in the ranks due to his hard work and determination. With my family being relatively new to Kintargo I think he was keen to make a good impression, our family being a new one to the city due to the changes in our old home coming after the civil war, our heirs migrated to Kintargo to keep some freedoms of religion, though it was required to be in secret, after all, we were not totally oblivious to the ways on the Cheliax empire.

As a youth I spent most of my time with my mother running errands with her and exploring the city. Early on I noticed that I was able to get away with a bit more than others due to my kindness, my fathers position and of course my natural looks. This led me to our neighbours daughters thoughts and after a very short courtship, she was with child.

I married the young Lady Winifred not out of duty, which many thought, but because she was the stars in the sky for me. Having a young child Tyrell with her was one of the best things in life and he has been a pleasant blessing for us both, however realising that starting my own family so young and a lot earlier than anticipated, I decided that it was time for me to become responsible for my life decisions, which led me to join the town guard. It was a natural progression to follow the family tradition with my father Taylar being well known within the town guard for his resourcefulness, toughness and hard work.

My relationship with “Father” was one of duty, for years my father had been teaching me the way of the sword and whenever he was able to, we would be in the yard sparring with each other until I could no longer hold my arms up, at which point he would give me one last thrashing, he would say, just when you think there is nothing more you can do, you find the strength to continue. His firm but kind hands has led me from a weak novice to a technically sound swordsman. Though he preferred the use of sword and shield, I was more inclined to have two swords, being that the shield was too heavy for me at a young age I started with short sword and dagger. I developed into quite a good two weaponed fighter, but as my strength grew, so did my choice in weapons.

I have been blessed to date with a healthy family with young Tyrell growing up strong and with loving and supporting parents this should only continue. Both his grandparents also dote on the young fellow and I have had to resist the placement of a small dagger in his cot by my father. I am happy marrying the girl next door and after a short honeymoon we were blessed with a birth of a my baby boy Tyrell, what more could I ask for. unfortunately Winifred’s parents did not see our marriage as a blessing. Before the day arrived they fled the city in what they said was shame, ashamed of their daughter getting pregnant and marrying such a young son of a town guard. One good thing to come out of it is that we now live in their house, “It would seem rude not to accept their wedding gift for us” I informed my beautiful wife.

My lovely mother Gertrude has always been with me throughout my childhood. Walking through the streets she has always had the eyes of the people upon her. Being rather attractive has helped this. I have always known that this is where I have inherited my good looks from. Regularly taking me on shopping trips, I have grown to know most of the stall vendors. Well most of the ones that mother went to anyway. She has always been proud of me and after Tyrell and Winifred, she is the closest to me. We often are able to discuss my troubles and she always seems to make them seem alright. With some of the harder troubles, I feel she might have words to father about sorting them out.

Recent Happenings

After joining the town guard, one of my first patrols I came across a young lady found dead, it was a rather harsh way to begin the career, never seeing a dead body before it hit me hard. I later found out that this lady had ties to a local bar owner named Titus, I have heard of him, but never had the pleasure of meeting him. After attending his place of business with the others in my local patrol, I felt sorry for him. What if this was Winifred instead of his lovely acquaintance. It was decided that it was a random street attack, possibly a mugging that went wrong, and had no leads to follow. This upset Titus to no end and I too was also upset, being that this young lady was with child. Maybe it was because I too was a recent parent that I later returned to the bar and discussed that I will continue to search for the murder of his love and future child. Since then whenever I was able to find out anything of importance no matter how small I have returned to Titus to tell him of my findings. Doing so I have gotten to know him better and some more familiar faces have been added to my memory, but I have not had many conversations with them. Perhaps because they know that I am part of the town guard. The others in my patrol have teased and made fun of me for continuing the search, saying that I will never find her killer and should just let it go. I have not done this though as I am like a dog with a bone and have started to operate in secret to find her killer or killers.

The Town Guard

Being part of the town guard I have made many new connections on top of those already known through travels with my mother. Getting information from people can be hard, and especially if you rule people out straight away. There are some lower end beggars and street merchants that I can rely on for some good information from time to time. But in particular the butcher “Harold” whom I visit regularly to spend the money I have earned to feed my family. After all mother says that he has the best stock in all of Kintargo. With the beggars, I was cautious at first and after having watched them closely, some are of a questionable nature and some are just unlucky. I stay friendly with them all as they often hear a lot more than people think. Often because others see them as below them and not worthy to be treated as citizens and feel that no one would believe them anyway, especially when it was their word against someone of a higher status.
Titus and myself have become closer, previously this was a professional matter but since my investigations they have become a more social acquaintance. I hope to one day solve the murder and bring him some peace.

Rufus met his fate when he faced off against Nox, fighting on to the last only to fall to her wicked spear.

Rufus Hilltop (deceased)

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