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  • Albata Sylla

    Albata runs a small bookstore catering to history, philosophy and science. Though he pays lip service to the Queen, Pavo has heard him curse the Thrunes’ redactionist (altering history for propaganda) policies on more than one occasion.

  • Petronicus Victocora (deceased)

    Petronicus Victocora was once regarded as brilliant, both within his family and the theatre community. That brilliance lay not within his own ability to perform, but rather his knack for “discovering” unknown talent, using his family’s wealth and …

  • Zea

    Zea only recently came of age. As with most Chelish tieflings, she had a hard life, and is already on her way to a career in petty thievery, yet she has Kintargo’s best interests at heart. She robs only from those she identifies as “Thrunies” and does …