Belor's Beer Hall

Belor’s Beerhall is located at the south end of Aria Park, opposite the path through the park. It is owned and managed by Titus Scipio.

Belor’s was named after a famed adventurer from the lands to the west, a simple farm boy who rose to greatness and travelled the land surviving by his blade and strength.

Belor’s caters to the locals from Old Kintargo and Jarvis End. A long bar runs the length of one wall, a door behind leading to the kitchen and cellar. Belor’s has a number of tables and chairs for meals and drinks, and a small stage just big enough for two or three performers. A large fireplace dominates one wall, a black dragon’s head helmet sitting atop the mantelpiece.

A balcony overlooks the main room, furnished with a plush settee. Working women usually lounge up here, trying to attract the customers below. A number of rooms open onto the balcony. In addition to those used by the women, there is Titus’ private chambers, which include a small office from where he runs the business, and a couple of spare rooms for private dining or meetings, guests, or other activities as Titus sees fit.

The rear of Belor’s opens onto the Forum Sodalitus, which was designed around an ancient fountain built to celebrate the closeness of the local community. The forum is currently a meeting place and small market during the day, with specialised stalls, performers, and public announcements. At night it is usually home to late night revellers, some shady people, drunks, and prostitutes.

Common people at Belor’s:

Titus Scipio – manager
Mercia – bar wench
“Smiley” Sen – cook
Salome – prostitute
Tuis “Peaches” – prostitute
Bug – kitchen hand

Pavo Quinteselle – performer
Ruby Ral – performer

Leila Gens – patissier

Belor's Beer Hall

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