Below are the factions of Kintargo.

Church of Asmodeus: The church of Asmodeus is the official faith of Kintargo, and its high priest, Corinstian Grivenner, is a well known (and much loathed) public official.

Court of Coin: Kintargo is home to nine noble families, all of whom gather in a group known as the Court of Coin to serve as a council of advisers for the government.

  • Tanessen: Led by Count Geoff Tanessen, this family’s interests include armor and weapon crafting, city defense, and military supplies.
  • Delronge: Led by Archbaroness Melodia Delronge, this family’s interests include horse breeding, hunting, and mercantilism.
  • Victocora Estate: Led by Baroness Porcia Victocora, this family’s interests included fishing, literature, and poetry.
  • Jarvis: Led by Baroness Belcara Jarvis, this family’s interests include architecture, carpentry, city planning, and stonemasonry.
  • Aulamaxa: Led by Archbaroness Eldonna Aulamaxa, this family’s interests include hunting, opera, and public opinion.
  • Vashnarstill: Led by Baron Sendi Vashnarstill, this family’s interests include Arcadian trade, fishing, and shipbuilding.
  • Jhaltero: Led by Baron Canton Jhaltero, this family’s interests include information, silver, and stone quarries.
  • Aulorian: Led by Count Auxis Aulorian, this family’s interests include magic, salt, and silver.
  • Sarini: Led by Countess Urora Sarini, this family’s interests include diabolism, entertainment, and the theater of the real.

Dottari: The city guards.

Order of the Torrent: Kintargo’s own Hellknight order, led by Lictor Octavio Sabinus.

Sacred Order of Archivists: A secret group of followers of Irori, dedicated to the preservation of historical documents.

Miscellaneous Gangs: Kintargo currently lacks an organised thieves’ guild, but does have at least two smaller gangs—the Red Jills and the River Talons.


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