Rebellion Tracking Sheet

Rank 1 Max. Rank 5 Focus Secrecy
Membership 21 Supporters 1 Population 11,894
Treasury 280gp Min. Treasury 10gp Notoriety 4

Organisation Checks
Loyalty = 3
Base (0) + Demagogue (2) + Sentinel (1) + Other (0)

Secrecy = 6
Base (2) + Spymaster (3) + Sentinel (1) + Other (0)

Security = 3
Base (0) + Partisan (2) + Sentinel (1) + Other (0)

Demagogue: Rufus (+ 2 Loyalty)
Partisan: Gaian (+ 2 Security)
Recruiter: vacant (+ 0 supporters)
Sentinel: Titus (+ 1 secondary)
Spymaster: Bug (+ 3 Secrecy)
Strategist: Keldor (+ 1 action)

Rebellion Actions
No. per turn = 2
Rank (1) + Strategist (1)

Available Actions
Change Officer Role
Dismiss Team
Gather Information
Guarantee Events
Lie Low
Recruit Supporters
Recruit Team
Reduce Danger
Special Action
Upgrade Team

Event Chance 24%
Notoriety (4) + Danger (20)

Active Events


Team: Street Performers
Officer: Gaian
Rank: 1
Leader: Malena Magravi, lvl 1 Varisian Bard
Members: (6) Human bards and rogues
Actions: Gather Information
Traits: (traits to be determined)
This Varisian song and dance troupe has been performing in Kintargo for many years. The free-spirited people have found the arrival of Barzillai Thrune and his draconian measures particularly difficult to stomach.

Team: Freedom Fighters
Officer: Rufus?
Rank: 1
Leader: Georgio Saltscar, lvl 1 Human Fighter
Members: (6) Human fighters, rangers and rogues
Actions: Reduce Danger
Traits: (traits to be determined)
Freed from hard labour in the Salt Works, Georgio and his followers dedicated their new-found freedom to bringing down those who wrongfully imprisoned them.

Lentius Dio: The vigilante is skilled at patrolling the streets or taking the fight to the enemy. He provides +2 to Reduce Danger or +2 to Sabotage when leading a corresponding team.

Brother Vaelus: Fearing arrest, the scholar throws his lot in with the rebellion. The priest of Irori provides a +2 to Knowledge Check or an extra Restore Character when leading a corresponding team (there still may be a gold cost to Restore Character).

Rexus Victocora: Although Rexus was never officially a part of the Sacred Order of Archivists, he learned a fair amount about how to lie low from his mother. As long as Rexus remains an ally of the Silver Ravens, the rebellion’s Notoriety score is reduced by 1 (to a minimum score of 1) at the start of every Upkeep phase.

Rebellion Tracking Sheet

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