Shops and Services

Animals and Pets

Delronge Stables – fine horses
Salarg’s Pet Store – pets, trained and untrained
Rexus’ Fishing – nets, fishing equipment
Hathaw’s Hounds – dog trainer
Packs & Snacks – horses, donkeys, camels and travelling equipment

Arms, Armour and Clothing

Lyonar’s Protection – fine weapons and armour
Olmer’s Smithy – good quality weapons and armour, some magical
The War Cage – weapons and armour, some magical
The Devil’s Threads – fine clothing
Redroof Market – clothing, leather goods, cobblers

Curios and Books

Records Hall – official records
Crissali’s Fine Tomes – rare books, manuscripts, scrolls
The Flying Quill – books on history, philosophy, science
Vespam Artisans – strange devices, toys


Tarlin’s Tables – gaming hall
Lucky Dragon – gaming hall
Kintargo Opera House – theatre
Winter Palace – theatre
Scaena Infernalis – theatre


House of Golden Veils (Abadar) – banking, money lending
Grimaldi Family – banking, money lending
Crocus Snizwarg – money lending

Food and Lodging

Kintargan Crossroads – inn
Long Roads Coffeehouse – café
Luici’s – café
Three-Legged Devil – dance hall
Belor’s Beer Hall – dance hall
Passiflora – dance hall
The Thrashing Badger – tavern
Clenchjaw’s – tavern
The Hopping Eel – tavern/brewery
Timia’s Alehouse – tavern/brewery
Druid & Bee Meadery – meadery
Pirate Life – rum factory

Magic Items (see here for currently available items)

Olmer’s Smithy – weapons and armour
The War Cage – weapons and armour
The Devil’s Threads – clothing
Vespam Artisans – miscellaneous
House of Golden Veils (Abadar) – low level miscellaneous
Shadowsquare (Zon-Kuthon) – miscellaneous
Songbird Hall (Shelyn) – low level divine
The Newt Market – miscellaneous
Crissali’s Fine Tomes – scrolls
The Silver Star – musical instruments
Kelimber’s Dry Goods and Supplies – miscellaneous
Bleakbridge – miscellaneous

Markets and General Traders

The Newt Market – general goods, adventuring goods, magic items
Highwall Market – general goods, business goods, services, food
Whitegate Market – gold, gems, jewellery
Veritas Plaza – farmers’ market
Salt Market – for alchemists, architects, builders, masons
Redroof Market – general goods, clothing, leather goods, cobblers
Bleakbridge – general goods, clothing, food, magical items
Kelimber’s Dry Goods and Supplies – general store, minor magic items, postal service
Packs & Snacks – travelling equipment


House of Golden Veils (Abadar) – nobility, religion
Shadowsquare (Zon-Kuthon) – religion
Temple of Asmodeus – history, nobility, planes, religion
Songbird Hall (Shelyn) – religion
Records Hall – geography, local, nobility
Crissali’s Fine Tome – chance for all
Alabaster Academy – arcana, geography, nature


Wild Apricot – brothel
Sonya’s Secrets – brothel
Farromar’s – bathhouse
Andos Hall – city hall
Kelimber’s Dry Goods and Supplies – postal service
Gaian’s Getaways – tour guide
Basili’s Company – guards and hirelings


House of Golden Veils (Abadar) – 3rd level divine spells
Shadowsquare (Zon-Kuthon) – 4th level divine spells
Temple of Asmodeus – 4th level divine spells, 10% discount
Songbird Hall (Shelyn) – 4th level divine spells, 20% surcharge
Alabaster Academy – 4th level arcane spells, 20% surcharge

Shops and Services

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