The Rebellion

Recent News and Rumours

“Some group from Temple Hill solved those murders in the Devil’s Nursery. A witch was behind it! She used a dark summoning ritual to call forth evil fairies who preyed on one travellers. Poor Garend was sacrificed to power the ritual.”

“They captured the Poison Pen! Turns out it was some two-bit bard from Jarvis End. There’ll be a decent crowd to watch the Hellknights do her long and slow I bet. I won’t be going though, I quite enjoyed her poems.”

“Take care traveling alone at night in Redroof or Temple Hill. With Basili’s Boys out of the picture, the Red Jills have moved in, and they say their boss is crazy.”

“Hey, word is the Newt has managed to get his hands on several magical items and has them for sale at the market, though you have to ask specifically for them. I’ve no idea how he got his hands on them, but I heard one of his agents pilfered the Nidalese Embassy – you do know the Nidalese up and left, don’t you?”

Mission Rewards

Gained Contact: Zea. The young tiefling keeps her ear to the ground in Redroof.

Supporters: the people of the Devil’s Nursery are grateful that the murderers were stopped, and touched that the young boy was returned for cremation. At the start of each of the next three Upkeep phases of the rebellion, 1d6 additional supporters join from the Devil’s Nursery.

Mission Fallout

Lost Ally: Alaria. The Poison Pen has been arrested and charged with sedition. She faces interrogation and subsequent lethal excruciation – no doubt the Lord-Mayor will choose something particularly slow and painful.

Rebellion Tracking Sheet
Rebellion Rules

The Rebellion

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