The Rebellion

Recent News and Rumours

Nox is dead. The close assistant to the Lord-Mayor was brutally slain in broad daylight by the Children of the Ash, who attacked from the shadows and vanished like smoke in a breeze. Behind closed doors the people of Kintargo smile at the brazen attack, but they are anxious at what the Lord-Mayor’s response may be…

The Red Jills are in chaos. Their silver operation has been dismantled, and much of the loot has been returned to the victims. Also, a ledger has appeared detailing the Red Jills’ operations, their victims, and the recipients of profits. Although previously having turned a blind eye, the authorities are forced to respond, arresting several of their own members who were “on the take.”

In addition, rumour has it a group of half-orc females calling themselves the Jollytime Girls have been picking off lone members of the Jills, assaulting them and warning them to leave alone the innocent people of Kintargo.

Mission Rewards

Positive influence gained across Kintargo.

Mission Fallout


The Rebellion

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