The Rebellion

Recent News and Rumours

“Well that traitor the Poison Pen is dead. She was killed when some two-bit rebels calling themselves the Ash Boys tried to rescue her from her excruciation. Our boys showed them off but the traitor was killed in the chaos. Pity, I quite liked the thought of her slaving away in the mines of Deepmar.” #fakenews

“They call themselves the Children of the Ash. The one up on stage was Nightswarm. Right ugly bugger too, apparently, fearsome. Why Children of the Ash? I dunno, but Barnabus says it’s ’cause their families were killed in the Night of Ashes. Makes sense. ’Bout time someone stood up to the Lord-Mayor too.”

“Take care traveling alone at night in Redroof or Temple Hill. With Basili’s Boys out of the picture, the Red Jills have moved in, and they say their boss is crazy.”

“Hey, word is the Newt has managed to get his hands on several magical items and has them for sale at the market, though you have to ask specifically for them. I’ve no idea how he got his hands on them, but I heard one of his agents pilfered the Nidalese Embassy – you do know the Nidalese up and left, don’t you?”

Mission Rewards

Gained Contact: Sir Rogatus. The Hellknight is looking for Shensen and may prove useful.

Gained Allies: The Jollytime Girls, a small band of half-orc females who took a liking to Titus and decided to join the rebellion – if only for selfish reasons.

Supporters: now that the people have a name to put to those responsible for recent events, the Children of the Ash are all the talk. This is especially the case among the tieflings and poor of Old Kintargo, where Bug’s network quietly spreads word of rebellion…

Mission Fallout

Regained Ally: Alaria. The bard is holed up in Aroldo’s house, hiding from the authorities (who have proclaimed her dead in any case). Alaria is uncertain what she should do next – surely her previous life of performing is finished.

Rebellion Tracking Sheet
Rebellion Rules

The Rebellion

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