The Rebellion

Recent News and Rumours

Several students of the Alabaster Academy have been protesting the oppression of the government. So far the dottari have done little more than disperse their protests, but they are slowly growing in sizeā€¦

Octavio has two things to report: one, that Paravicar Astratius of the Order of the Gate is waiting for message to go ahead with the summoning. He can be here within a week once we’re ready. Second, as a favour the Order used their powerful magic to help locate Shensen – unfortunately there was little trace of her, though they say she is still in Kintargo. There are a few reasons why she couldn’t be located properly – she could have powerful non-detection magic, or is somewhere beyond the power of divination. Unfortunately this seems like our last lead.

High Priest Fredo died and there will be a procession through the streets before taking him to the Temple Hill cemetery.

The latest shipment of silver is due to arrive in the city from the mountains.

The Rebellion

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