A Game of Thrunes

Aroldo lives to fight another day

The cries of battle follow Aroldo as he back tracks through the Fantasmagorium. His heart pounds in his chest, both from the exertion of running for his life, and fear for his life – his new friends seem to be unafraid of taking on powerful foes. The wizard reaches the entrance of the seemingly accursed museum, and pauses. He strains his ears, but hears nothing – has the battle ended? Or are the walls too thick and are blocking the sounds of further battles?

The wizard summons some of the last of his strength, and calls upon his magic one more time. As he does, his features blur and shift. When the magic is finished, a shorter, skinnier man has seemingly replaced Aroldo. Disguised, the wizard opens the door and slinks out. Knowing he has to report to the surviving members of the nascent rebellion, he considers heading straight for Belor’s, but wonders if the approaches there would be currently watched. Thinking that the chance is too great to take, Aroldo starts heading back home. It is a long journey, that feels even longer as Aroldo cannot help but flinch at every sound, and gaze at every shadow, expecting an ambush.

The wizard calms slightly as he stumbles in his front door, leaning against it as he performs some mental exercises to clear his mind, now he has reached safety. The quiet of his home, with the faint earthy smell of growing plants also helps. Hands still shaking slightly, he puts aside his staff, and unburdens himself of some of the items he thought may have come useful in the recent tasks.

Letting out a long sigh, he heads to his study where one of the silver raven figurines lie. Never having used the power within the figurine before, he is slightly nervous as he whispers a message to it. When he has composed his message, he takes the figurine to the window, where it comes to life, the metallic raven flying away to deliver its bleak message to Gaian and Rexus….



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