A Game of Thrunes

From the Nursery to the Theatre

Session 05

The group headed to the Tiefling slums, the Devil’s Nursery, to find out why Tieflings are being killed. Investigation of previous victims would prove difficult, as the Tieflings were having the bodies cremated. On the way there, the group discussed how this would help the rebellion, by investigating they hoped to win the trust of the Tieflings to help recruit them.

They tracked down the young tiefling woman Zea, and the group convinced her they want to help. Zea took the men to a small temple of Asmodeus where the body of the most recent victim was awaiting cremation.

The group discovered that there had been an uptick of tiefling corpses turning up lately with signs of violence. Examining the corpse in the temple they found it showed signs of violence, especially around the face. All the teeth had been removed, as part of the attack, or shortly before/after. Pavo noticed that there seemed to be small bites on the hand and neck, as if from tiny humanoids – and had the inspired thought that tooth fairies may have been responsible for the attack. Fairies with the power to paralyse or force to sleep their victims.

Visiting the murder scene, they did find one loose tiefling tooth, seemingly backing up Pavo’s thoughts. The group did look for any kind of patterns to the location of the attacks, but apart from being all in the same general area, the locations did not form any stars, or straight lines, etc.

While investigating, Pavo was pick pocketed by a small orphan, he pursued the lad before casting an enchantment on him, making him fall asleep in his tracks. Recovering his pouch, he found himself surrounded by thugs from the Red Jill’s gang, who are getting more aggressive with Basili’s boys out of the picture. With some smooth words, and the intimidating sight of Rufus behind his shoulder, he managed to convince everyone to walk away from a bad situation.

That night Rufus and Pavo disguised themselves as Tieflings and pretended to have fallen asleep in the streets. They were watched over by Bug and Gaian. After several hours, Pavo was attacked by 8 or so of the pesky little tooth fairies. He was quickly aided by his companions and several of the fairies were killed, with the rest fleeing to burnt out building (a former tavern) where they had set up a lair, with a small hole being the entrance.

The group killed them all, sending Bug down into their lair. Here he found teeth stuck all over walls in a strange pattern, as well as a body of a small child, dead with hands and feet tightly bound with sinew and cold iron chains.

They found out the child was named Gerand, who went missing on the Night of Ashes. The writing on the bindings was Aklo, used by witches and other practitioners of the dark arts. Pavo would tell the tale of this poor child, attributing the discovery to the Children of the Ashes.

Several nights later, Pavo was dining with his friend Alaria at Belor’s Beer Hall, where she told Pavo she had been invited to the Opera Carmelia, being held at the Citadel Theatre, by Furio Tanessen, the son of Count Tanessen, one of the Seven Nobles.

Lentius advised the Children that he thought it would be a good idea to attend, where they could find out the attitudes of some of the nobility and upper crust of Kintargo. The group shopped for new clothes, with varying amounts of success. Pavo looked amazing, while Bug ended up looking like the scruffy manservant he would be acting as.

Arriving at the Theatre, Alaria introduced the group to Furio and his companions, his younger brother Garibaldi and friend Sir Dardis.

Pavo quickly noticed that Archbaroness Melodia Delronge was in attendance, her obviously dyed red/orange hair standing out in the crowd. The only hair more garish belonged to a gnomish ambassador whose hair was bright blue.

Before the opera began, a priest of Asmodeus made an impressive entrance on stage to lead a prayer.

After the Opera, Gaian and his wife, as well as Pavo, introduced themselves to Aluceda, High Priestess of the temple of Zon-Kuthon, and discussed theology with her, trying to wrap their minds around why someone would worship the strange god.

Rufus talked to a Hellknight of the Order of the Torrent, who is investigating the disappearance of the Diva Shensen. While talking to Rufus, the Hellknight glanced at Alaria, as if he suspects she is involved somehow.

The obsequious Countess Urora Sarini was happy to talk to Pavo, in fact inviting him to a performance of the Trials of the Flesh at the Theatre of the Real.

Rufus was approached by Baron Sendi Vashnarstill. The baron asked if Rufus belonged to the Hilltops of Ironhill, and when Rufus said yes, the baron explaimed he thought the family was still enslaved! He quickly apologised, and suggested his information was outdated. To which Rufus responded, “As is your clothing.” EPIC BURN

Arch Baroness Eldonna Aulamaxa, who carried around a poodle the entire night (who had a dislike of Gaian), announced that she believes that the high priest of Shelyn is inciting riots with magic. She was wearing an embroided shawl, as if the proclamations of the new Lord Mayor did not count for her.

While in the line to congratulate the star of the show, Adorabella, Pavo found a small slip of paper in one of his pouches. His initial thought was to excuse himself and see what was written, but some foolish thought had him look at it. To his horror it was a poem critical of the government, written by the Poison Pen of Kintargo. Countess Urora glimpsed the page and noticed the lines scrawled upon it, and encouraged Pavo to read out the poem she thought he had written. The whole audience wished Pavo to read it, and in a rare moment of stage fright, Pavo dropped the paper. The gnome picked it up and quickly read it aloud.

The crowd were shocked and appalled at the contents and Pavo, realising the guards would soon be arresting him, where he would no doubt be tortured and forced to reveal all he knew of the Rebellion, fled the scene, heading for the city gates to keep his friends and the cause safe.

Too late for Pavo, Lord Marqel Aulorian announced Alaria had placed the paper in Pavo’s possession. The guards that were summoned to arrest Pavo quickly subdued Alaria and took her to prison.


So we have some actions which might come from this one? Do we try to rescue Alaria? Or do we minimize the damage any public showing could do?

Considering that she planted it on Pavo, I hardly see this as helpful to us. What were her intentions for planting it on him?

Another option is to pick up the pen or poison pen and continue to write them. Thus making it seem like Alaria did not write them and that she too has been framed?

Maybe Rufus can go to the Hellknight of the order of the Torrent to see if he has any further information about the Diva Shensen.

From the Nursery to the Theatre

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