A Game of Thrunes

Gaian's Opinion on Rescuing Alaria

“I wouldn’t be too concerned about what she knows of us,” Gaian says, leaning back in his chair with a bored expression. “She’s seen nothing to link us to Pavo beyond our normal daily association, and it was she that involved him in clandestine schemes initially, we had nothing to do with it. The only way I can see that she knows anything is if Pavo told her, which I wouldn’t put past the wretch. For all we know he gave her all the info on the rebellion then framed her as the Poison Pen to get it to the Thrunes while getting himself well away!”

As he finishes Gaian leans forward, his demeanour quickly changing, before relaxing back in his chair again.

“But no point worrying about that now, anything she thinks may help her she’s no doubt already thrown to the Inquisitors, and they haven’t come knocking yet.”

The erratic nature of Gaian in Nightswarm guise is slightly disconcerting to his companions, though perhaps less so than the overall change in identity; not only is the personality far removed from that of the enthusiastic and affable tour guide, his postures, movements, and speech are all just different enough to feel bizarre when associated with the familiar face. Indeed, when his face is covered it is at times difficult to identify this as the same person despite seeing the more familiar Gaian walk in and witnessing the change.

“So without any urgency on that front I think we can forget trying to trick or bribe anyone at the Holding House, those courses are too risky. Besides, we want to make a statement to the people of Kintargo, and if we spirit the Poison Pen away in clandestine fashion it is too easy for Thrune to claim some other cause for the excruciation to be cancelled.”

Nightswarm speaks more moderately now as he seeks to engage everyone, but becomes gradually more animated as he explains.

“So that leaves transit or Veritas Plaza. Of those the second is the better choice; although there is some degree of uncertainty as we do not know precisely what is planned, it is a far better forum for making our statement, and the crowd will make it easier for us to disappear with Alaria after. I have some thoughts as to how we can grab her and leave without any of you being at much risk of exposure to identification.”

Having said his piece he lapses back into apparent disinterest as he awaits a response.



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