A Game of Thrunes


The Devil is in the Details

Keldor sat at the table in Belor’s Beer Hall silently fuming. Who in the nine hells did these people think they were, to question him so? Had any of them been cast from a job just because of the accident of their birth? Had they had to sleep in the streets? To not know where their next meal would come from? Had their entire species serve as a source of ridicule?

He had come to this city hoping to find a place to belong, now here he was offering to help free the city from tyranny and still this pompous tour guide still insult him? After he saved his miserable life? And if anyone might be a spy, surely the ‘former’ town guard was more likely?

He should…

No, he thought bitterly, biting down on his anger, no…if this were to work, they would have to work together. Each of them playing an important role. While he had never fought in an uprising before, he did have battlefield experience and campaign knowledge that would be of benefit to the group, whether they accepted him or not. With the end goal in mind, he would weather their insults for as long as we was able.

He looked over the Guide to a Successful Rebellion these Silver Raven’s had penned and rolled his eyes. Clearly their advise should be carefully weighed before being taken. After all, if they truly knew what they were doing, they would have succeeded and none of them would be in this predicament.

No, if this rebellion is going to succeed, it will not happen quickly and will require extensive planning and contingencies anticipating all eventualities. Collecting some parchment and writing implements, he tuned out his companions and began to make notes.



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