A Game of Thrunes

Terror in the park

Returning to my family at the end of the day I quickly stashed what we had acquired that day below some floorboards in the pantry, before heading upstairs where my wife was putting my baby boy down for the night.

Sitting in next to her as she gently rocked him to sleep set my heart at ease. She was singing my favourite lullaby. It was just what I needed after the day I had.

I was hoping to observe that the stories and information that I had been informed were not as bad as described. However I was horrified to find out that they were in fact worse. The way that the thugs turned on the crowd, who were just voicing their opinions was unjustified.

The fact that they seemed to enjoy it was worse. The one glimmer of hope was running into some acquaintances whom ,after I let go of my feeling of personal grievance with some of them, I found that they had like minded thoughts. They just needed to be reminded of them.

I see great potential in them, if they are able to see past their need to put themselves first.

I also have found hope in the knowledge that we have not been the first to embark on this journey of justice. The silver ravens laid the ground work for our rebellion all those years ago. Now it is time for us to pick up the torch and run with it.

So the stories and information that I had received personally and by word of mouth were far understated. Slowly we must turn the tides of the city back to the way it was before. But we must do so quietly, so as not to draw attention to those we cherish the most….family.



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