A Game of Thrunes

The Fantasmagorium Pt 2

Session 09

After defeating and questioning the Azvernathi Raul, the cleric of Asmodeus, the Children crept down stairs to the underground level of the Fantasmagorium. This was the secret hideout of the Order of Archivists. Unfortunately the hideout had been discovered by the Asmodeans, and the Order destroyed.

After fighting past the Asmodean redactors the Children faced Nox, assistant to the Lord Mayor and oversee of the redaction efforts of the Fantasmagorium. Nox was too powerful for the Children, and several of them fell in battle.

The future of the rebellion hangs in the balance…

Full notes:

• The group, suddenly feeling refreshed, leapt immediately into combat.
• Keldor casts shield to protect himself initially, while Bug changes into combat. And Fumbles (Sad trombone sound).
• Titus fails to climb onto a table, but attacks anyway, hoping no one saw what just happened.
• The monks yell for Lord Raul, instilling a sense of dread in the party
• Lord Raul appears shortly after, a cleric with dual maces. He casts a spell and turns invisible.
• The battle goes on, the party get the upper hand. Lord Raul gives up when he is the last one.
• Advises there are more monks and Nox downstairs. Nox is the Lord Mayor’s ‘personal assistant’. The group remembers that they saw her get stabbed and smile it off, with the wounds healing up. It is said she has made pacts with devils. Has a monster’s strength. There are a dozen redactors and a pet-Ogre-kin. Nox regenerates, but this isn’t immunity.
• Rufus thinks he is lying when he says he will leave if we let him go. Aroldo asks how we get down stairs. The cleric advises you push both eyes of the Aroden statue.
• The group decides facing Nox is too dangerous.
• Don’t find much, writing implements and the like. Initial scans of documents appear mundane and not useful.
• The group decides to rest, so the magic users of the group can regain their spells. They will be heading downstairs after resting to investigate the secret meeting place of the Order of Archivists. Rest is completed successfully.
• The stairs down are illuminated by magic light. We descend into a massive library. Seems to be missing books though. Bloodstains on floor. Huge rune on floor. There is Master’s Rebus, holy to Irori
• As we reach the floor, papers and books rise from the floor and assumes a roughly humanoid shape. Keldor asks if it is a librarian, it advises it is the library guardian. Tells us that it has been visited by defilers recently. Aroldo asks how long was here, imprisoned by Witch of Thrune. Guardian advises defilers have taken most of the books. Overpowered by infernal magics. Guardian served Order of Archivists. Confirms they are all dead. They find books on the history of Kintargo: personal journals, big events, small goings on.
• Wide stairs head further down, still magically lit. Goes down to corridor with 4 doors. First door leads to small bedroom, like a monk’s cell. Find more of these, then find a larger one with painting of Victacora family, we recognise Rexus.
• Bug finds a secret door! It leads down a corridor to a large room. The stench of rotting flesh grows strong as we approach.
• We can see Redactors taking books. In the middle of the room are chains holding a redactor’s decaying body. Five redactors is what Bug can see from his vantage point.
• The group decides to attack. Titus charges in! Great melee. Bug sneaks in for surprise attack. Surprise big humanoid bursts out of one of the doors- the Ogre-kin! The group manage to win easily.
• Arcane runes – warnings – on some shelves. Would normally indicate cursed items. Chains radiating Plane of Shadow. Seem to be books about that in this area. The group speculates it is the result of an activated magical trap. Aroldo also detects magic from behind a wall. The group finds a keyhole in the mortar. Rufus suggests using the platinum key. The key works and there is the sound of grinding stone. We find some magic items.
• The group hears others planning to ambush them when they walk through. The group decides to counter-ambush.
• Nox summons a poo demon.
• Vicious fight, Nox is a regenerating monster.
• The group manage to take down the majority of their opponents, but Nox is too strong.
• Reduced to wielding his quarterstaff, Aroldo strikes a massive blow that would kill any normal human (20!) but Nox barely blinks. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valour, Aroldo makes a break for it, the others standing their ground until the bitter end.



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