A Game of Thrunes

The Rescue

Session 06

The group begins by finalising the plan for Alaria’s rescue.

Before the rescue can begin, Dottari come to Belor’s Beer Hall demanding to speak to the owner. Titus presents himself to the guard, who inform him that they have reports of suspicious activities happening at the bar and that they have a warrant to search the premises.

Rufus being experienced in such matters examines the warrant, and finds it in perfect order.

The search is methodical and the guard leave no stone unturned and everyone grows nervous when the Dottari eye the area around the secret door leading to the hideout for some time, almost as if they knew it was there.

They did eventually leave without issue, but the mood among the Rebellion leadership was tense. There was discussion that perhaps Pavo had been caught and divulged what he knew under torture, or perhaps Alaria gave the them enough information to lead them to Belor’s? Deciding they may never be able to find out, the group decided to play normal for the rest of the evening and follow their usual routine.

The mood grew even more tense later that night when a man smoking a pipe seemed to be keeping the Beer Hall under surveillance.

The next day the group decides to explore the sewers, hoping to find a path to the Courthouse that the Excruciation will be occurring in front of. Along one of the main tunnels in the sewers, this formed a kind of river. To the group’s surprise a Halfling appeared on a raft and using a pole to propel himself along.

Appearing harmless enough, the group approached with a friendly demeanour and the Halfling was happy enough to reciprocate. He claimed to be known as “Dimples” and was nothing but a simple ferry man. Further conversation revealed some details of the sewers including where the main outlet exited.

Leaving the Halfling behind to continue on their mission they were able to find a path to the Courthouse and they took some time to set some traps in the sewer.

The plan was:

  • Titus in the Courthouse
  • Bug under the stage
  • Rufus up front
  • Keldor and Gaius near the front, but off to the side

Being marched up to the stage, Alaria was forced to humiliate herself further by reading out poetry:

Alaria’s Last Performance
Hello citizens you might know me, I am the Poison Pen
I’m glad you could come join me to see things to the end
On this most fortuitous day I hereby renounce my wicked ways
And admit there is a price to pay
(excruciator chains her to post)

I caused the riot at the park, peace of the city I destroyed
I killed the salt workers after dark, their screams I enjoyed
I wrote seditious essays, incited riots with poems and plays
Please show your gratitude in the usual way
(crowd boos and throws fruit)

My pen tried to lead astray, cause chaos and upheaval
The people of this fair city I plagued with words of evil
But now my penance will begin, scrub these ink stains from my skin
And let blood wash away my sins
(excruciator pours a bucket of blood red ink all over, plastering her hair etc)

(spitting blood ink from her mouth)
My pen was sharper than the knife, or this is what I thought
Now I beg for my life for the evil that I wrought
So as I kneel upon the ground (forced down), I ask you all to gather round
(voice breaks) Now Guard, release the hounds
(hounds unleashed snapping at her arms and face)

The Rescue
Performers used smokebombs

Rescued Alaria

Got chased through the sewers, barely escaped the witchypoo in orange and red. Throwing cards of doom. Smart girl, realised Mojo was a distraction. Black Tentacles!

Titus recruited some lady half orcs, they called their band the Jollytime Girls.

Have made a semi ally in the form of the Hellknight looking into Shensen’s disappearance, he wants to talk to Alaria not handing her over or punishing her either. Sir Rogatus.

Otyugh dude!

We have a traitor, who caused the cave in and possibly alerted the Dotari about the secret entrance.

The friend of Alaria, who may have been extremely overconfident in thinking he could even contemplate rescuing Alaria solo, introduced himself as Aroldo. He seemed slightly surprised to bump into Rexus, even though he had been looking for him, somewhat, since the incident with Rexus’ mother. It turns out she had left a key with Aroldo to give to Rexus.

Aroldo also invited all present to consider his home their home, a large yet slowly crumbling manor in Villegre, a well to do portion of the city near the Alabaster Academy.


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The Rescue

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