A Game of Thrunes

The Varied Thoughts of Gaian Vespinus

After the Night of Ashes:
I am greatly concerned for my friend Petronicus following the fire that gutted his family’s estate. I had been looking forward to see what excitement the new day would bring after seeing the fires last night, but I care not for this. Nobody seems sure whether anyone survived the fire, but it seems unlikely that Petronicus would have made it out, frail as he had become. I don’t truly understand how such a thing has happened. And the other fires at Shensen’s shop and the Thrashing Badger on the same night, could the three be related? As if there could be any other explanation. If deliberate, then who? The Inquisitor had suggested a connection of mine could be associated with these missing tomes everyone seems so concerned about. I had assumed Pavo, but could it have been Petronicus?
Or perhaps it was Raiia’s teacher. I wonder where he is now? Probably I should try to find out, see if I can help. Should have done something when he was taken. No, there were Hellknights, and I had Raiia nearby. Coward. I hear they’ve reopened the Holding House. Perhaps I could go there some time and follow it up, surely it was all just some mistake.

Fight Night:
How do they expect me to do my job when they won’t even tell me who is fighting? Completely unprofessional! The tiefling freak fighting the gnoll was a farce, who allows sorcery in a fight? Does Titus not understand how quickly the crowd could have turned? Ah well, I stopped that quickly enough, and if it meant that Titus copped a belting and loses some profits then that’s the price he pays for not setting things up better! Maybe I went too far. Hopefully he doesn’t hold me responsible; with tours becoming smaller since Barzillai came to town, I don’t really want to lose those discounted meals…

Things are starting to change now. I had hoped Barzillai’s presence here would have little impact on daily life. A foolish hope. Tour profits have been declining with news of the rebellion, but this toll on Bleakbridge is too much! If this continues I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to provide adequately for my family. Today I had to cut the tour short to avoid the issues at the Holding House (perhaps asking after Raiia’s teacher is not such a good idea), which of course meant I had to discount the tour. I need more coin. Or less mouths to feed. No, that won’t change, more coin it must be. But now with these proclamations it will probably get even worse, a curfew will hardly encourage visitors! Maybe I can use the proclamations to my advantage though. Perhaps Ereniel could start doing business removing embroidery from clothing, there will surely be a market for that. So the wife solves all the problems? Pathetic. Well, I guess at worst I can turn my hand to killing vermin for the copper. Ah, now we’re talking. So many vermin in our city lately, and many worth more than a copper!

The Hidden Basement:
Well, that was an interesting evening. Having Mercia run up and throw her arms around me was certainly an unusual start to my visit to Belor’s. Though not unwelcome, a shame she can’t see her way to being one of the ladies working upstairs! Now that would be worth a few coins! But no, that would be a betrayal of Ereniel. Ha, Ereniel is the betrayal, and a lie besides. No matter, none of that is as noteworthy as the fact that there was indeed something down there. I’m still not sure how I found the switch to that door, it was almost as if there were another force drawing me down from the start. About time someone competent was in control. I cannot help but feel pity for those tengu, or at least that would be the case had they not betrayed us with Chough. Pathetic, directionless creatures huddling in the dark, too fearful to act. Fortunate for them that I was able to come along and give them back their sense of purpose. Hahahahahahahaha, the irony!
The statue of Calistria though, that was truly interesting! I don’t think any of the others noticed my interest. Of course not. None of the fools would have a clue about the Lady in the Room, just another statue to them. Pavo might know, and I did select Calistria’s tome in front of him at Belor’s. Bah, if the bard ever noticed such a thing he’d be too caught up in his own self-importance to think it was anything but brought about by him introducing you to such forbidden topics. No, Pavo is better than that. Irrelevant; the young will always believe the domain of rebelliousness belongs exclusively to them. True enough. I wonder at the bodies around the statue. Could father’s disappearance have had anything to do with this? That’s not a genuine question is it? That can’t be a question! This scene does nothing but confirm what I already knew, as soon as I saw the scorched statue it was obvious! I didn’t even need to see the bodies! I’d forgotten about the burnings father took me to. Forgotten? Impossible. The fires of Hell tend to burn themselves into one’s memory. Haha! Then the Victocora Estate… Those fires are always hungry. Things must change. All the more reason I should have left that holy symbol under the statue. It was foolish to bring it home. But it was time for it to be brought forth from the shadows.



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