Pavo Quinteselle (MIA)

A Half-Elf of words. Words written, words spoken. Sung, recited, remembered.


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Outwardly cheerfully personable, inwardly grimly focused on his studies, Pavo the Half-Elf is a study in duality.


Pavo’s upbringing was less than ideal, but it was never destined to be one that was enjoyed. The half-elf was born in a small rural village a long way from any major population centre. The population was exclusively human, a simple gathering of isolated farm folk. Years ago, and it still remains a mystery as to why, the village came under attack by an Elvish warband. On that day, Pavo’s mother becamea widow, and Pavo was conceived.

His mother loved her child, but hated him as a reminder of the pain she and the village suffered that day. The village treated him as an outsider, and a freak.

The only person in the village who treated him well at all was the old healer, Mother Vitarnelle, who tended to shelter the young bastard half-elf in her home. It was her that taught Pavo the basics of his education, such as learning to read and write and basic mathematics, as well as giving him singing lessons as he was “a natural talent”.

As time went on, Pavo’s filthy elvish blood only seemed to enhance the sharp beauty of his Chelaxian features, causing some of the girls around the same age as Pavo to begin to re-evaluate the outcast.

Shortly after, Pavo left his tiny village behind, never to return again.

The roguish half elf rarely speaks of the years he spent wandering the land before ending up in Kintargo. A few might find this mysterious, but the truth is simply that Pavo would rather tell the stories of others, feeling them to be much more interesting than his own.

Arriving in Kintargo, Pavo felt a little lost, the city being the largest he had ever visited. It didn’t take long for the charismatic bard to make friends and fall in love with the creative and independent Kintargians… well, as much as they could be under the thumb of the empire.

Once in love with the city, Pavo struggled to leave and keep up his wandering ways, before he finally realised he might have found a place he could call home.

It helped that the young half elf had looks and talent – it resulted in Pavo being able to bring in enough coin from his performances that can make a very modest living. On occasion the bard finds desire for more gold rising to the forefront of his mind, but his sensible side keeps him focused on his study of history and his story-telling.

Friends, Associates, and Companions
Then think of someone outside your party who you come into regular contact with. Who is this person, and what does he or she mean to you? What influence might this person have over you? What’s your influence over this person? Are you a member – or enemy – of any of Kintargo’s factions?

Singing/Oratory/Percussion Perform skills good enough to perform in pubs/musichalls/etc but could know Mo from early street performance days when first arrived in Kintargo.

Would probably know a lot of people involved in what we would know today as the hospitality industry, if any of the other characters come from that kind of background.

Thinking would know a bookseller or two, maybe a librarian or sage. Pavo loves to read and devours histories and philosophy, inspiration for his works. How he knows a little bit about everything, being all bardy and stuff.

Pavo has also been lucky enough to perform at the Opera House, although not in a major starring capacity. Yet. He was lucky enough to have performed well at a Dance Hall (maybe. Not quite happy with that) where he was spotted by several directors/producers/whatevers of the great Opera House who introduced themselves and asked Pavo to introduce himself at the House the next day.

He promptly did so, in his best outfit, freshly bathed and shaved, and was put through several auditions with a small group of other performers which were spotted in smaller and less prestigious places.

Pick one or more characters and establish a prior acquaintance or connection.

Albata Sylla – a refined old man who has hinted at being an adventurer in his younger years, now runs a small bookstore catering to history, philosophy and science. Though he pays lip service to the Empress, Pavo has heard him curse the Thrunes’ redactionist policies on more than one occasion (e.g. altering history for propaganda).

Shensen is a famous half-elf bard who acts at the Opera House, might be worth making her your “sponsor” if you want (oratory skill?)

What are your character’s opinions? Consider your views on:
Social classes: like elsewhere, Kintargo has upper, middle and lower classes, each divided by various sub-classes (nobles, gentry, merchants, working, homeless, etc).

Pavo is quite aware of status and classes, being far from the top. However, to make the most of an average performers career you have to schmooze with the upper crust, they have the money. So he’s learnt to fake it when mixing with the upper crust.

Pavo prefers a more casual approach in his performances for more casual crowds. Of course, he’s renown for taking historical events and turning them into songs while remaining accurate. He appears to have a desire to encourage knowledge and a desire for such in his audience.

House Thrune: the official government of Cheliax, ruled by Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail II, has brought peace and stability to the land, but also its infernal religion as well as somewhat oppressive methods.

Boo. And not Boo-urns.

I’m chaotic good. Of course I disapprove.

The Asmodean Church: The followers of the Prince of Hell preach that the strong should rule the weak. Everyone at least pays lip service to the church.

I secretly urinate on Asmodean idols.

Other religions:
Not preferring one god over another, Pavo would invoke the appropriate god for what he desires. However as a devourer of knowledge Pavo would more often that not worship Irori and as a performer Shelyn. And more quietly, Cayden Cailean as Pavo is the lover of a good drink. This would all be done on the down low where required, one does not want to draw too much attention to oneself. Well, the wrong kind of attention, at least.

Pavo has been known to sing songs and recite heroic tales where the Big Bad Evil Guys are slaveholders. He’s also unlikely to knowingly perform for slave holders. If he meets any slaves he treats them with respect, just like they were any other freeman.

although technically legal in Kintargo, the freedom-loving people of the city frown upon slavery and those that keep slaves do so quietly.

Any other relevant to you character

What is your character’s appearance?
Overall statement on your character’s appearance, then hone in on details. Hair, clothes, weapons, decorative articles, shoes.

No hiding elvish blood, however elvish features combine well with Chelaxian’s sharp features, however is blonde, so stands out on that front as well. Dresses casual but quality when performing, otherwise always correctly for the social circles he is moving in.

Pavo Quinteselle (MIA)

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